Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Snow Day

Where did all this snow come from?  Great for those of you heading to Birkie this weekend, but it sucks for those of us looking to run on some trails.  I know, it will be gone soon enough.What?  No Speedy this morning?  Sick kid?  ...we'll just have to manage without him.
Even with the fresh 5 inches of snow, Jeff, Brodie and I decided to head to the trails just North of Long Lake for our run...what were we thinking?  Mile 1 TO the park, 8:20ish, miles 2 and 3 THROUGH the park, 10:30+ pace, as we were blazing the trail, eventually running along a fence-line in 6+ inches of fresh snow.  Now THAT'S work...still running at 10:30 pace, HR at 166...? 
Once we finally hit the pavement, miles 4-9 were run consistently at 8:15 pace...beautiful 20 degree weather, good conversation...pleasant indeed!
Solid core session tonight...looking forward to my ride/swim tomorrow :)  ...and thanks for the run Jeff and B!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Where in the H have I been?

Seems like weeks since I've last posted...well calm down kids, it's only been a week...and here I am :)So let's get you up to speed as to how this past week went...I had a couple 'up' days as well as a couple 'strugglers'.
Life itself right now is pretty crazy...with Torun, BP and Gear West, my time is pretty limited, but I've still managed to maintain roughly 12 hours per  Not sure...I guess the thoughts of NYC in August keep me going :)
Let's go backwards in the calender, shall we?
Monday Feb 20th:  4 miles easy with Jennifer late Monday night...REALLY easy running in 4 inches of fresh HEAVY/wet snow.  Tough footing, but what a beautiful night!  Light weights and core as well.
Sunday Feb. 19th:  After a day of doing nothing...(and when I say nothing, that's exactly what I mean)...I went to Life Time SLP for a spin there an hour early and rode Z3, then rode almost a half hour after class to total 2:25 for the day.  And I wish I could remember the name of the cat who taught class...he taught an AMAZING class.  Spin room was packed and rockin' much energy in the class!
I felt amazing on the bike with so much power today!  Core PM
Saturday Feb 18th:  Sure Tony, I'll run a quick 14 miles with you Saturday morning...did I actually agree to that?  I was exhausted BEFORE the run...13+ miles of chasing Tony around Minnetonka...including mile 10 in 7:02.  Great run, Tony!
After my run I work at G' West for 7+ hours and I gotta say, I was spent.  I got home, had dinner, did a nice core session...and then I was out...11.5 hours later, it's Sunday morning...I needed that :)
Friday Feb. 17th:  AM)  A quick 6 miles with the boys a G' West, including a loop ON Long Lake.  easy running, though I felt sluggish.
PM)  2800 in the pool...STILL pretty sluggish...nap time?  Finished the day with a solid core/stretch session...I'm still about as flexible as a 2 x 4, but I think it's getting better :)
Thursday February 16th:  120 minutes on the trainer at Life Time...not much power, but a great ride with great tunage...  Followed the ride up with an upper-body session.
Wednesday Feb. 16th:  AM)  7 miles in/on Long Lake...pretty uneventful miles, but needed to get them done.

Have a great day...  Coach D, powered by bacon :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

PowerBar super PUMPED about getting picked up by Powerbar for 2 more years of sponsorship! PowerBar, you guys ROCK!

Monday, February 13, 2012

NEAR Epic today...

Hope you all had a great weekend...
It's Monday, usually a day to sit on the trainer for a couple/few hours, but as per the plan, today was to be an Epic (near Epic) day...and I was ready to rumble.
In the right frame of mind, wanting to ROCK, needing to was hopping, as were the tunes on the iPod....a modified Epic 21, here we come!
So here we go...and thanks to Mike Stone for putting up with me today.  You are a BEAST, Mike...always a pleasure!
The workout...a run focused brick.  Intervals with biking wrapped around it.
Bike/1 Mile run/Bike/4:00 run/Bike/1 Mile run/Bike/4:00 run/Bike/4 x 2 minutes/Bike
20 minutes on the bike/trainer...10E followed by 2 BP hillz...quick transition to the treadmill.
Tread, :30 at 7.5 then moved it up to 10.5 for the first mile...finished in around 5:50...felt GREAT!
10 minutes back on the trainer in upper Z2/aero...
...quick transition to the tread...:30 at 7.5 then 3:30 at 11.0.
10 minutes back on the trainer in upper Z2/aero...
...another quick transition to the tread...:30 at 7.5, then a progressive mile.  Started at 10.5 for a couple minutes then quickly went to 11.0, then 11.5 and when I hit 4:30 I settled in at 12.2 for the final minute+  Mile 2 in roughly 5:32...still feeling great.
10 minutes back on the trainer in upper Z2/aero...
...let's do another 4:00 on the tread.  :30 at 7.5 and then moved to 11.5 for 1:30 then 12.0
10 minutes back on the trainer in upper Z2/aero...
...back to the treadmill for my last set.  1:00 at 7.5 the off to the races.
1 minute at 11.5, 1 at 12...1 minute at 7.5...I did this 4 times to equal 4 x 2 minutes with 1 minute breaks.
And finally, 20 minutes back on the trainer Z2 aero with drillz., where's the Pepsi Max :)

A solid workout not quite worthy of full Epic status, but solid...a great way to start the week!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I need a nap... it time for a nap yet?  Sat on the trainer at LifeTime with Mike this morning...well, Mike and I didn't actually sit on the SAME trainer, he was on the bike NEXT to get the point.  2 hours and 10 minutes and I was done...still pretty run-down without much 'pop'.  I really need a good nights sleep somewhere along the line, but with work, coaching, training and 4 kids at home...looks like sleep won't happen until 2018.  (I know, bitch, bitch, bitch...)

Also, looks like I'll be rolling as a 1:35 pacer at the Get Lucky Half Marathon March 17th in the Twin Cities...join me?  7:14 pace...  It's a great course and should be a lot of fun :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rubbin' is racin'...

So late last week Speedy says 'Let's run this 5K race on Sunday as a tempo run...6:10 pace.'  Well, you know me...I never turn down a race, whether it's a 'race' or a tempo run...I'd race every weekend if I could...just to toe the line, ANY line, gives me goosebumps.
The Freeze Your Buns 5K held in Hamel, MN looked to be fun...26 degrees at the start, so not exactly 'freezing'.  Of course I toed the line in shorts and my new GW jacket, and a fully loaded iPod.
Remember, 6:10 was the goal..18:59...easy.  Gun sounds and off we go.  Bigger kid takes off along with an older, a tad pudgy road-racer sporting a pair of LunarRacers...who are these guys and why are they in Hamel, MN in January?  Well, mile 1 came by in 5:45 which put nice separation between the top 3 and the rest of the field.  ...but 5:45?  What happened to 6:10?  ...time to start slowing down.  Mile 2, 12:05, right on track.  At this point, Speedy and I were still running side/by/side up front with a high school CC runner of Speedy's from Orono HS, Gabe, tagging along.  At around 2.75 miles we came to small 100+ foot hill/hump that Speedy decides to test the legs on, building a 10+ foot lead by the time we go to the top...what was he doing?  Tempo run, right?  Gabe and I responded  and caught back up, running together for :30 or so before Gabe decided to make his move.  I looked to Speedy and asked him if we should chase him down, Gabe now running 5+ seconds in front of us...'No, but go if you need to go', so off I went, to chase down the HS young'n, closing the gap a tad over the final 2 blocks but never really got into a grove or mood to catch him...tempo run, right?
I settled for 2nd OA in a time of 18:45ish (5:45, 6:20, 6:04+)...though tightened up pretty quick afterwards with sore calves a light hammy twinge...I'm old.
Thanks for the run, Speedy...I needed that.  

...and what was with the hunter-orange T-shirts?


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