Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sick and tired... 37 hours I'll be running the Trail Mix 50K, without a plan.  I'm sitting here, not sure if I should 'go to the well' and race, or use the race as a workout.  I had every intention of racing until last weekend when I got sick...I feel much better today, but what did the cold/flu take out of me?  It is only 31 miles...  :)
iPod is loaded and charged, Garmin is ready to go, and my shoes are clean and dry...
Let's chat about this past week. 
Last Saturday (April 14th) I had a solid 13+ miler with Jeff to/around/back from Baker Park in Orono.  I was getting sick, I was pretty rundown, though the run went well.  I felt strong the entire way (7:50 pace)...though when i got done, I was peeing  I didn't 'feel' bad, just rundown...96 oz. of PowerAde Recovery and I had all the energy in the world.  Almost 50 miles of running for the week...close to 5 hours on the bike, swam twice with a lot of core/ wonder I was rundown, huh?
Sunday April 15th:  90 minute spin at LT in SLP
Monday April 16th:  3 miles of easy running with J
Tuesday April 17th:  Needed a solid 8 miler today...let's run to LT SLP from the house.  Mile 1 7:01, and rocked from there.  A couple of the miles were sub 6:35 pace...ended up averaging 6:47 for the run...and it felt EASY!  Am I ready to rumble?
Wednesday April 18th:  OFF
Thursday April 19th:  45 minute spin with core and light upper-body lifting...feeling a lot better today.
So, race or NO race?  Hard workout or 'go to the well'?  Looks like a last minute decision...


Friday, April 13, 2012

The last few days...

Thursday April 12th:  An easy 90 minutes on the trainer at LT Woodbury followed by a solid upper-body lift session.  Pretty tuckered on the bike...still haven't recovered from Tuesday's run, and I haven't been able to put the 3+ pounds back on.
Wednesday April 11th:  An early morning hour long run with the folks from Gear West and Gea from K Swiss.  Easy run (8:30ish pace) through the woods just outside of Long Lake...2 words for you, TUCK ERED!  ...
Tuesday April 10th:  Morning 1950 in the, I could talk all day about the afternoon run...the lack of fluid/nutrition, the fact that the first 8 was downhill with the wind at my back...  16 miles run from home to and from LT SLP.  Logged 8.10 to LT at 7:09 pace...felt EASY, kept telling myself, 'slowdown'...quick drink and a gel and it was time to head home.  UPhill and a tough headwind, averaged 7:03 on the return trip...7:06 average.  Garmin said 16.20.  Here is a link to the run.
...when I got home, quick 4 mile bike ride followed as J ran...TOUGH run that seemed to really zap me :(

So far this week, feeling good!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Playlist for today's 16 miler...

Heading out the door in a few for a quick and easy 16 is today's iPod playlist. 
7:30-7:40 pace followed by a lift/core session...I'll post Garmin results when I'm done.
What a beautiful day!

American Idiot - Green Day
Bartender - Rehab
Blue Monday - Orgy
Dog days Are Over - Florence...
Feel So Close - Calvin Harris
Freebird - LS
It takes Two - Rob Base...
La La La - LMFAO
Lose Yourself - Eminem
Master of Puppets - Metallica
Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO
The Pretender - Foo Fighters
Ride The Wind - Poison
Sandstorm - Darude
Stay With Me - Rod Stewert
Sucker Train Blues - Velvet Revolver

Monday, April 9, 2012

Bike fitting...

Brett at Gear West fit me last week...I seem to have a 'hitch' at this height...lowered the saddle some and made some other adjustments and it looked and felt a lot did the hamstring!  Enjoy...

Dodged a bullet...actually 3!

What a crazy week of close calls...first let's start by saying that the past 10 days of training have gone as planned (though I did have to re-schedule my long run planned for Saturday).
First, it's been about 10 days since the hamstring started bothering me, and by last Tuesday/Wednesday it was REALLY sore...enough for me to sit on a bag of ice, take an ice bath and even, are you ready, I even stretch a little :)  ..but have no fear, I had NO pain on my brick yesterday and today I feel back to normal. 
I think I tweaked it bouldering at Red Rock outside of Vegas a couple of weeks ago :(  Bullet #1...
Next, last Wednesday while trail running with the GW crew I turned my ankle...and when I say I 'turned' it, that's exactly what happened.  It completely buckled under me, and I'm not sure how it didn't break...but I was able to run on with minimal pain and by the end of the day I had no pain and/or swelling.  How did that happen?  Rubber ankles?  Though thinking back, I'm not sure if I've ever twisted/sprained an ankle...even playing b-ball all those years...nothing.   Bullet #2...dodged.
...and finally we have last night.  2:40 ride (averaged 20.1) followed by a 6 mile run (7:36, 7:39, 7:19, 7:00, 6:25 and 6:01)...but at around 35 miles into the ride, a car pulled out in front of me as I'm riding the shoulder of Highway 7...holy crap that was close.  I was a 1/3 of a second from flying over the hood of some fat chicks Volvo...b***h!  "Sorry' she yells...  Heart was racing after that. 
I did, however, have a great ride. The new set-up on the bike fit pretty well...I may have to do some 'minor' tinkering, but Brett at Gear West did a great job in the fit and set-up!

Feeling good...16 mile run tomorrow with negative splits...I'll keep you posted :)

Thanks for checking in, and for the continued support!



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