Thursday, November 10, 2011

Running with the boys...

Wednesday morning had me hitting the trails with the boys for an hour 'easy', though I guess everyone views 'easy' a little differently.  Brett (just ran 2:48 at TCM), Speedy (former 2:24 cat...), Matt (15:40 5K guy who won Birkie in 2009) and I set out for an hour on the trails.  From the store it's roughly 8 minutes to the single track trails...what a great run...7:20-7:40 pace the whole way, and I felt great. 
Friday we're going to get out on the same trails for 90 minutes.  Have to admit, I'm a little sore today...feet, ankles and calves are all a little sore, mainly from the terrain of the trails...might be time for some trail shoes?  Hmmm...
Doing most of my training solo because of my crazy schedule, felt good to get out with the boys...

Coach D

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Solid Sunday Brick...

It's been a week or so since I've posted on the blog...but fear not young grasshopper, training is going well...consistent mileage, both running and on the bike.  I have yet to start 'working', though the runs and rides are going well, as are the core/strength.  Pool work starts soon...So let's talk for a second about today's workout...a brick workout that I've been eyeing for a week or so.  1:32 on the bike, in the wind...both ways (?)...but was able to generate good power.  Quick transition for my favorite 6 mile loop.
The plan was to run the first 3 at 6:50 pace, and then 6:35 pace on the trip's how the run went:
Mile 1: 6:49
Mile 2: 6:31
Mile 3: 6:59
Mile 4: 6:41
Mile 5: 6:19
Mile 6: 6:27...6 miles in 39:48
A solid effort...and the run felt good...I was working, but not killer.  Legs had no problem coming off the bike...sign of good things to come I hope :)
I'll try to be a little more consistent in my posting...promise :)

Coach D

Building the base...

Week 1 (9-18-2011): Run 25 miles / Bike 5.25 hours / Weight 179.6
Week 2 (9-25): Run 25 miles / Bike 6.5 hours / Weight 179.4
Week 3 (10-2): Run 22.5 miles / Bike 7 hours / Weight 180.1
Week 4 (10-9): Run 26 miles / Bike 6.25 hours / Weight 180.2
Week 5 (10-16): Run 23.25 miles / Bike 9.5 hours / 179.9
Week 6: (10-23): Run 40 / Bike 4.25 hours / Weight 178.7
Week 7: (10-30): Run 31.25 / Bike 6 hours / Weight 179.1

...just building that foundation...

Coach D


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