Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Week 4 Epics...

Gotta talk about a couple of workouts that have happened already this week.
First, I've been feeling pretty good...strong and confident and ready to roll.  Feet are still feeling good, and I'm really surprised how well the bike is coming back (Let's hope the swim comes back as easily :) )
2 Epic workouts already this week...
Sunday October 9th:  Today was a day to take all the kids to Valley Fair, probably the last nice weekend day before the snow flies, so I got up early and opted to do the 'Near 20' out and back I did last week.  19+ miles each way, moderately hilly with a few stop lights.  Last week I rode this fairly hard...59:19 out and 1:00:02 on the return trip.  At the time I thought that was pretty solid...roughly 40 miles in under 2 hours...with a couple stops and a nice wind along the lake.   Well Sunday, feeling great with a lot of energy, rolled to and through the turnaround in 54:19 and the return trip in 53:02...averaged around 21.5 with stops.  Felt great, and I can't wait to see what I'll ride this in next spring.  I worked hard on my nutrition for this ride...and felt strong the whole way.
Tuesday October 11th:  A solid 1:40 on the bike...averaged 19.9.  Windy (Of course it was windy, this is Minnesota!) with a few hills, though I felt powerful today.  When done, I rolled into the garage and had a quick T2...heading out for a 6 mile run.  The first 3 miles were uneventful enough, 22:31 (7:30 pace)...Mile 4 in 7:03, Mile 5 in 6:36...?...felt great and easy, and Mile 6 was run in 6:56.  6 miles of easy running in 43:06 (7:11 pace).  Cooled down with a brisk walk and a DQ Blizzard :)  Not an EPIC workout in the true sense of the word, but EPIC in that the run went so easy coming off the bike...more to come!  Core and lifting PM.
Happy training!

Coach D 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October 1st Race Report

Saturday October 1st, 2011.  St. Therese 5K...Deephaven, MN

Really needed a hard training effort, and what better way than to jump into your local 5K.  St. Therese is about a mile away from the house in a beautiful, yet hilly part of town.
Jen dropped me off at the church early so I could register, do my warmup, stretch and such (She went for coffee).  Today was a day to be run in trainers (Good, cuz my flats are currently MIA).  Felt great as I did my strides...springy :)
The plan for the day was 6 minute pace...18:40, I told Jennifer.  I did NOT want to race...glad I lost my flats...
Lined up with about 100 others...BANG, gun goes off.  Wind around the church and start heading out towards Lake Minnetonka.  The first mile was pretty much all downhill, and I felt great...5:59...easy enough.  Felt like a training run, about an effort of 6.  ...but wait, where did THIS hill come from?  Wow...time to lean in, pump the arms and stay on pace.  Winding up and into Deephaven, mile 2 was hit in 6:02, still pretty easy, hill and all.  I'm feeling great, and I really wanna 'go', but as I preach to my athletes, 'Have a plan, believe in the plan, STICK to the plan...and good things WILL happen!', STTP, dammit!
At mile 2 I found myself leading by maybe 30-40 seconds, but not a time to relax...a plan is a plan, so I kept at it.  Mile 3 found the mile 1 hill, only this time I had to run UP it and back to the church.  Mile 3 time, 6:01...cruising through the finish chute for a time of 18:48.  
Funny, even the CD felt great...didn't seem to take much out of me.  But funny, I had signed up for the race as Rusty Chevrolet, so when I got done the RD asked for my name to announce with the awards, and when I told her my name was RC, she said, "Are you sure you wanna go with that?  Your name is going on a plaque inside the church."  Um, I guess not...I can't lie at and/or in church, right?  My real name she got... :)
So what did I take away from my first 'race' in quite some time?  I still don't know what kind of off-season shape I'm in, though it sure was nice to finally toe the line's been too long.  ...pondering a 50 miler at the end of October?  Hmmm...
Thanks for all the emails and FB comments...your support is much appreciated :)

Coach D

Finally updated...

Sorry for the long wait in the posting was a crazy weekend at the races.

Where did I leave off...Thursday September 29th?
Thursday September 29th:  Easy run day with Chad...7.5 miles at roughly 8:15 pace.  Ran this on the Regional Trail, which is softer than running on asphalt/cement...and guess who we ran into again, Paul G. was rolling a workout, probably a final prep before the TC 10 Miler.  The boy looks so smooth and strong.  My run was real aches or pains, and just like earlier this week, it was hard to slow down...legs are a little sore/tired from the bike and/or lifting and core.
Friday the 30th:  OFF with the exception of upper body lifting a LOT of core.  Stretched some as I anticipate a long workout tomorrow...BRING IT!
Saturday October 1st:  RACE REPORT will be posted soon, though here is how the rest of the day went...  When I got home from the race, I ran a quick 3 miles with Jennifer.  The achilles were both a little sore, but I was able to make it through the run without crying.  
Later in the afternoon I hopped on the bike with a loaded backpack and headed East, taking both roads and bike trails to DT St. Paul to the TCM expo.  Biked there in 1:23, strolled around the expo for 20 minutes or so, bike in tow, then hopped back on for the the trek home.  Holy crap was it windy heading West....took me about 5 minutes longer to get home, and I really felt like I was working it.  About 2:50 for the ride, and once home, Jennifer and I rode for another :55 into and around Wayzata...what a beautiful day :)  Core/stretch and sit-ups once I got home.  Race/run/3:45 on the bike and core...great training day for October!
Sunday October 2nd:  Not much of a 'training' day, as J and I spent 5+ hours at the TCM...biking all over the city...probably put 30-40 miles on the bike, hauling around a 20+ pound backpack.  ...and what an amazing day.  Weather was perfect, company was good, and it was great to see SO many clients, colleagues and friends running both the TC 10 Miler as well as the TCM.  Very inspirational...and just like every other year, I wonder why I don't run TCM.  Great course, usually nice weather and amazing crowd support.  Maybe next year?  Hmmm...

Happy trails :)


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