Saturday, March 30, 2013

High School

Found this picture last week on Facebook, a picture I posted a couple of years ago and never thought much more about it until an old high school teammate posted a comment on FB about my Senior year in CC and track.
This picture means a lot to me, it was a great day. 1981 UP Championships and I was a Senior at Marquette High School, Marquette, MI. Can you pick me out of the group?  I actually had hair. I am top left. Next to me is Paul Hughes and John Kingston.  Kneeling is Jay Caster and Ron Specker. John and I ran the 880 and 1600 while the other 3 all ran the 3200. I finished 4th in the 1600 and 7th in the 880 in training shoes...I was a young Senior and didn't know what spikes only year in track.
Memories.  ...who would have guessed that 32 years later I would still be running, albeit a bit slower.

Saturday Run March 30th, 2013

...15.25 miles at 7:35-7:40 pace in the cold and rain, thanks for dragging me out, Brett!
Ran in the Brooks Ghost again today, but I'm due for new ones (Hint, hint...)...probably have 400+ on them and the feet felt it this morning.
But what a great run.  Brett had the course mapped out ahead of time, and the rain really wasn't that bad...I'll take the rain and 38 degrees over snow and -15 :)
A quick 4+ miles tonight before tomorrow's loooong ride...I'm feeling like I'm getting fit. (If I could only lose these 10 unwanted pounds, I'd be set!)

Hoppy Easter!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Hoka One One

...ok, so I have 30+ miles on the Hoka One One's, only run at night of course, and I have to say, they still feel great!  The cushion is amazing, and they're a bit more responsive than I thought they would be.
I have worn them 7 times for a total of roughly 32 recovery miles...and so far, so good.  maybe use them on a training run soon? 
...but good golly, they're ugly, hence the only wearing them at night :)

This week...

It's the Friday before Easter, and I've gotta say, I feel more like a runner now than I have since TCM.  Finally, a solid run, one where I felt strong, good pacing and felt great when I was done.  I'm talking about yesterday's 10 mile run from Woodbury to Hudson. 
Ok, I know, it's 9 miles of downhill followed by a killer up, but to clip along at 7:18 pace like it was nothing, followed by a strong UP-hill mile, I'm happy. 
I made it to Life Time today for a quick 45 minute spin along with a nice upper body weight session...I'm hoping to be ready for tomorrows long run.  Brett, easy on me!

Other highlights from this week included a solid 90 threshold ride on Sunday followed by a 4+ mile run in the new Hoka One One's...but more on those in another post.
A great week for core and strength as well.

...biggest concern for the week is my weight.  TCM race shape weight was 175ish...on Tuesday I weighed in at 187.  Holy shit!  Where did those 10 pounds come from?  Am I lifting too much, or is it all the Jack's frozen pizza's?  I NEED to be 179 on May 18th...I WILL be 179 for Fargo, or it's off to shopping in the 'husky' department at Fleet Farm for my next pair of jeans :)

Hoppy Easter, and thanks for checking in!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Designing a workout...

Happy Friday!
6 days after Get Lucky, and I feel great.  Feet might be a little sore, but I think that's because I'm old...
Wednesday I went to Life Time to continue my work on Epic #25...a combination of workouts 13 and here's how it went:
30 minutes on the bike as written in Epic #21
2 MILES run at 9.2 (6:34 pace)
15 minutes on the bike
1 x 1 MILE at 9.5 (6:22)
15 minutes on the bike
1 x 1 MILE at 9.8 (6:10)
15 minutes on the bike
4 x 2 MINUTES at 10.0, 10.2, 10.0 and 10.4
2 minute breaks at 7.3
20 minutes on the bike...
Ok, not killer or EPIC, but it's a workout in the making.  Eventually I'd like to get this dialed in where the 2 mile leg is run at :10 under HM (Half Marathon) race pace, the 1 mile legs run :20 under, and the 2:00 legs run at :30 under. given my current fitness level at 1:26, I should be able to roll through the 2 mile at 9.4, the 1 miles at 9.7 and the 2:00 legs run at 10.0... I'll give it another shot in 2 weeks...

The rest of the week?
Sunday March 17th: 75 minutes on the trainer at LT...Z2+
Monday March 18th: 7 miles of easy running at 7:39 avg/Lift at LT
Tuesday March 19th: OFF Day with core
Wednesday March 20th: EPIC 25
Thursday March 21th:  1:40 run outside...averaged just under 7:30 (7:29.98) pace for the run, but brrrr! it ever going to warm up?
Should end up with 40 miles of running and 4.5 hours on the bike for the week...and a lot of core :)

I WILL be in shape when I turn 50 in May!

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Get Lucky Pacing

That was chilly...
Pacing at 1:35:00...and it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.  Cold, windy, slippery...
Next up, Chippewa 50K...

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Gonna be brrrrr...

3 days until the Get Lucky Half...forecast is calling for 13 degrees at the start of the race...last year we ran in 80 degree weather...wth?  I am supposed to be pacing a couple guys at 1:35, but how?  I'm such a freeze-baby, I'll have to sport 3 layers of clothing...along with a green tutu, of course :)
Training has been going ok...though I did have a solid run tonight in Woodbury ...8+ miles at a titch under 7:30 pace with Scott from Rachaels house.
7:46 first mile to warm up and mile 8 we were able to roll in 7:11, though it felt like work...
HERE is the course we ran...
Tomorrow I'll spin for 30+ minutes and lift...Friday will only be a few miles with strides...and Saturday, I'm looking to feel good, 17+ total for the morning, followed by a late afternoon 60 minute spin before the big night out.
The big night favorite bar with some amazing friends...though it was only 2 years ago that this bar meant a whole lot more :( 

...also, I am beginning to finalize my 2013 race calender...I'll post it as soon as I can.  Up next after my pacing at GL, a 31 mile trail run/long run, Chippewa 50K, baby!  NOT racing...but I DO need the miles before Fargo/Green Bay!

Happy St. Patricks Day! :)


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