Saturday, May 30, 2009

Northern Lakes 30K

What a beautiful morning for a 30K! Nice to say that the race/training run went off without a hitch, hitting my splits pretty much the whole way, and feeling great all the way through...hoping this means good things will happen in Duluth in 3 weeks :)
Race started on time, not a large crowd, but a lot of older guys like myself including Paul Brown, Tom Prentice and Frank Campbell...all tuning up for Grandma's. Hooked up with a buddy Mike Wischmann and talked about working together in hopes of hitting 6:40's. The course was nice for the first 4.5 miles, but at that point we took a left heading North, right into the wind...holy shit. Mike and I took turns breaking the wind for the next couple of miles before he fell back a bit. We were running in 5th and 6th at the time...I passed a runner at 8, on an uphill buckin' the wind (?) and another at mile 10...then Tom and Frank came crankin' past they looked strong...and then the cat I passed at 8 came past me on a mission (he would go on to finish 3rd) there I was, 6th place...for the next 8 miles...all alone...Reiko was nice enough to ride with me some on her bike, but was that ever boring, and hilly, but the wind left us at 10-11 miles. Here are how my splits ended: (18.77 miles according to the Garmin)
1: 6:36
2: 6:37
3: 6:38
4: 6:37
5: 6:34
6: 6:35
7: 6:26
8: 6:39
9: 6:32
10: 6:34
11: 6:31
12: 6:29
13: 6:31
14: 6:47 (Uphill!)
15: 6:35
16: 6:39
17: 6:41
18: 6:32
18.77: 4:56...Finish time of 2:03:26...6th overall/3rd 40-49
...damn right achilles a little sore post-run...ooops :(
I have a few pics to post as soon as I can figure how to add Flickr to the blog.
Congrats also to Mike, Chuck, Allison, Karl and Amy...nice running!


Monday, May 25, 2009


Thanks for taking a look at my updated blog. I've taken some time off dealing with a number of injuries, but I'm feeling good and really looking to get things back on track, with hopes of running well this fall...stay tuned. I am signed up for Grandma's Marathon, though with my lack of training over the past 9 months, I'm not sure what's gonna happen. I have set a realistic goal of 2:54:59 for the race, though I could end up finishing anywhere between 2:52 and 3:07. The training has been going well over the past 4-6 weeks, I just don't have a base to run any faster...but for those of you who know me, I'm sure I'll take it out hard...probably too hard, and pay for it on London Road. Grandma's is a USATF-MN team race again this year and I will be running for Run N Fun, though a 2:55 more than likely won't score for the Master's team this year. I will post a race schedule in a couple of days as well as a 'Goal-Post'...realistic and stretch goals for 2009 and beyond! Derek


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