Sunday, September 23, 2012

2 weeks, baby!

I know, I haven't  been the best at posting over the past few weeks...but with 3 weeks done and 2 to go, training is going 'fine'... I wouldn't call it great, time is not my friend, but I'm still injury free, and still running strong. 
I seem to have a solid workout followed by 3 average runs...averaging right around 45-55 miles per week and 5-7 hours on the bike.  The bike will start to go away with 8-12 days out because as you know, I'm not the biggest taper fan, so I'll run hard, maybe a few less miles, right up until a few days before TCM.
A couple key runs over the past few weeks have included a 10 miler with Brett at 6:35 pace, a 22+ miler with Barry last Saturday at 7:40 pace...that run, because of how easy it was, gave me a bit more confidence.  Thanks Barry!
...and then there's last night's 10 miler...but first let's set the stage first.  I rode my bike into work yesterday, a quick 20 minute commute, worked all day, rode 25+ minutes home 'hard'...spent 45  minutes un-winding before I laced up the adidas Boston's.  Another evening run in the dark, music was right on, shoes felt yummy.  Wanted to go out easy and finish's what I remember Mile 1: 6:53, Mile 3: 6:27, Mile 8: 6:30, Mile 9: 6:14 and mile 10 in 6:06...10 miles in 1:04:20, 6:26 average. OK, it may be a tad short of 10 miles, though miles 1-3 are accurate and miles 8-10 are right on, but I need to remeasure the turn-around :)
2 weeks, baby...2:53:59 is the plan!

Stay tuned!

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