Monday, August 5, 2013

Training mimics 'life'...

Happy Monday!
Finally, a quick update on the training-cram for the Marquette Marathon.
26 days to go, and things are looking aches, no pains to speak of, and best of all, the scale yesterday said 180.1...perfect, as I wanted to lose these final few pounds before the race...well, they're gone, now I can focus on training!
Friday August 2nd:  Got up early and ran 11+ miles on the trails outside of Long Lake with Jan and Beth...found myself still a bit sore from the beating I took from Brett 2 days earlier on the same trails.
Saturday August 3rd:  Crazy busy day was followed up by another surprising speed workout...surprising in that I'm not hurt yet.  After my 6 x 800's last week, I had a great stretch followed by an ice bath.  This week, time limitations only allowed me 45 minutes, so I did a quick 1.5 mile warm-up followed by 4 x 800 in 2:28, 2:33, 2:36 and a strong 2:28.  I couldn't have done 8 at this pace, but it was perfect for 4 of them.  6.5 miles in 46:08...perfect.  A solid stretch and core, yummy.
Sunday August 4th:  First let me say, I had an amazing weekend with Jen...from Friday night at the lake, to all day Saturday and our incredible mimics 'life.  When life is good, rewarding, and you're head over heels in love, you seem to train with a spring in your step, with purpose.  I'm training hard for Marquette for US, so we can go to Boston together next April...meaning every workout, everything I eat, the core/lifting and all has a purpose...and it feels damn good!
For my/our workout on Sunday, we got up and had breakfast before we loaded up the packs and headed out the door on the mountain bikes. "Let's ride to Lake Calhoun" we said...that's not a bad ride from Eden Prairie.  Well, we couldn't leave well enough to the Lakes and decided to ride to St. Paul for lunch.  45+ miles and 4 hours later, we made it back...just in time for a nappy :)
I followed the night up with a solid lift session at Life Time Cross Town.  I may be sore tomorrow :) 

Stay tuned for updates this week...speed on Tuesday and a 20+ miler with Jan on Thursday!

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