TCM in 50 days

49 days and counting...kinda makes me nervous.  I haven't raced TCM in 20+ years, and while I'm not in any kind of shape to race like I was in 2012, this should be fun.
So how fast can I run with 50 days of training?  Time will tell, I guess...I think my biggest battle is with the scale.  This summer I wrestled with the 195-199 mark, this morning was a bit better at 191, but I need to show up on Oct. 5th at 181...those pounds lost are free speed!
It's been a trying year+ for me...our family cancer scare, the passing of my father and the stress fracture that sidelined me for 7+ months...wasn't sure when would be the next time I toed the line...enter TCM.
The year hasn't been an entire waste at the races, as I've had a glimpse or two of 'fitness.  I've managed to put myself in C+ biking shape; paced Lee and Jan to sub 1:35 at the Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon in May; paced Jan to another Afton Trail 25K Master's win (while winning the Grand Master's title myself)...and then the National Duathlon Championships, where I put on an ugly display of running AND riding...somewhat embarrassing, though I tend to be less and less embarrassed with poor performances as I get older.  used to be I wouldn't race until I was 'ready', now I tend to race when I want/where I want.
...and the Twin Cities Marathon is a race that I show up to every year, and every year I tell myself, 'next year'...and I never do it.  Just the timing of it...but this year I got in on an 'loophole' and I'm going to do my best to get in shape to run my very best...whether that's 2:56, 3:06 or even 3:16.

So tune in from time to time, keep me in check and make sure I'm keeping up with my stretching and core...and if you need a run partner, give me a call!

Rocket on!


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