Day #1, morning ride and stats...

And so the story begins...50 days to get ready for TCM.  ...but more about that later.
AM)  This morning I got out on the MTB, partly because I ran last evening, and partly because my left hammy was a bit sore.  A little over 14 miles in 46+ minutes, averaged 18.6 on the Regional Trail, our local hard-packed rail trail.  Back was a little sore, but felt fairly strong for the entire ride.
PM)  This afternoon, Jen and I loaded up the backpacks and headed out on the mountain bikes for a quick 3+ hour ride into Minneapolis from EP.  A quick stop at Run n Fun for some new shoes and a tour around the Lakes.  Can't really call it a 'workout', though 3 more hours of biking today at 14-16 mph should help get the weight off.  Run day tomorrow :)  
Finished the night with core (crunches and sit-ups) and a ton of push-ups...

...and as I begin my 50 day journey, here are my starting point stats...
Morning weight ~ 192...holy crap!
Resting HR ~ 39 (8-16-14)
Max bike HR ~ 161  (8-7-14)
FTP ~ 241  (8-5-14)
Max run HR ~ 183 (7-19-14)
Current VDOT ~ ?

I hope you follow me on my 50 day TCM journey...I can use the support, and a kick in the ass on certain days :)


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