High School

Found this picture last week on Facebook, a picture I posted a couple of years ago and never thought much more about it until an old high school teammate posted a comment on FB about my Senior year in CC and track.
This picture means a lot to me, it was a great day. 1981 UP Championships and I was a Senior at Marquette High School, Marquette, MI. Can you pick me out of the group?  I actually had hair. I am top left. Next to me is Paul Hughes and John Kingston.  Kneeling is Jay Caster and Ron Specker. John and I ran the 880 and 1600 while the other 3 all ran the 3200. I finished 4th in the 1600 and 7th in the 880 in training shoes...I was a young Senior and didn't know what spikes were...my only year in track.
Memories.  ...who would have guessed that 32 years later I would still be running, albeit a bit slower.


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