Happy New Year!

Has it really been that long since I last posted?  What a crazy 3+ months it has been...getting sick right before TCM took it's toll on me.  I was ready to rumble, but it was just not to be last year...so what do you do?  Saddle up and take 'er for another ride...so Fargo Marathon in May, here I come!
I will be pacing at 3:10 on May 18th (3:09:59) which will not only get a group of athletes into Boston for 2014, it will put me in Wave 1, 20+ minutes under (over?) my qualifying time.  Remember, I'm old, as I jump into the 50-54 age group this year, so I think I only need a 3:35 to qualify...

So stay tuned...and Happy New Year!


  1. Old or not....3:09:59 is fast! Cya there! Bob V.


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