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Well this sucks...


Marathon #106...Marquette Marathon...done!

Well I guess you could say that the marathon 'cram' was a success...but I'm not sure if I wanna do that again!
To set the marathon stage, The Marquette Marathon is a small marathon in an even smaller town, my hometown, Marquette, MI.  Race date was Saturday August 31st, 2013.  I ran my first marathon there in 1981, I think in 3:02. 
Jen and I drove to Marquette on Friday.  After a late start, we pulled into Marquette (following a 7 hour drive) at 7:45p local time...shit, expo closes at 9:00...and I still need to register!
Good dinner, good sleep and I'm ready to rumble.
Saturday morning, race day, and I feel grand.  I have a good breakfast (NO Diet Pepsi), and we head to the start.  No Garmin today, I'm going to run off 'feel' and just let my playlist guide me. 
The plan (?) is to run 7:40's from the start, be consistent and run 3:24:59 to hit my Boston time by the 5:01 over mark, allowing me to sign up on week 1.  Well, plans change... 
Favorite shoes, (M…

Training mimics 'life'...

Happy Monday!
Finally, a quick update on the training-cram for the Marquette Marathon.
26 days to go, and things are looking aches, no pains to speak of, and best of all, the scale yesterday said 180.1...perfect, as I wanted to lose these final few pounds before the race...well, they're gone, now I can focus on training!
Friday August 2nd:  Got up early and ran 11+ miles on the trails outside of Long Lake with Jan and Beth...found myself still a bit sore from the beating I took from Brett 2 days earlier on the same trails.
Saturday August 3rd:  Crazy busy day was followed up by another surprising speed workout...surprising in that I'm not hurt yet.  After my 6 x 800's last week, I had a great stretch followed by an ice bath.  This week, time limitations only allowed me 45 minutes, so I did a quick 1.5 mile warm-up followed by 4 x 800 in 2:28, 2:33, 2:36 and a strong 2:28.  I couldn't have done 8 at this pace, but it was perfect for 4 of them.  6.5 miles in 46:08.…

Don' Be P####

When things get tough, and they will get tough while racing, (and if they don't get tough, you're not racing hard enough) just remember these heartfelt words from the Russian Ski team, "Don't Be P####"...
Couldn't have said it better myself.

Coach D

Dropping out is for pansies...

'If you’re just having a bad day, then grit your teeth and tough it out. You will have a lot more respect for yourself if you finish then if you drop out. Once you drop out of a race, it becomes easier to drop out of another. It is easy to race hard when you feel good...What makes a true champion is someone that finishes the race despite having the “worst day of his life”. Don’t give up on yourself because you think you’re having a bad day. The legs might come around and you might surprise yourself on the next lap. If you quit you’ll never know what might have happened.'  Coach D

High School

Found this picture last week on Facebook, a picture I posted a couple of years ago and never thought much more about it until an old high school teammate posted a comment on FB about my Senior year in CC and track.
This picture means a lot to me, it was a great day. 1981 UP Championships and I was a Senior at Marquette High School, Marquette, MI. Can you pick me out of the group?  I actually had hair. I am top left. Next to me is Paul Hughes and John Kingston.  Kneeling is Jay Caster and Ron Specker. John and I ran the 880 and 1600 while the other 3 all ran the 3200. I finished 4th in the 1600 and 7th in the 880 in training shoes...I was a young Senior and didn't know what spikes only year in track.
Memories.  ...who would have guessed that 32 years later I would still be running, albeit a bit slower.

Saturday Run March 30th, 2013

...15.25 miles at 7:35-7:40 pace in the cold and rain, thanks for dragging me out, Brett!
Ran in the Brooks Ghost again today, but I'm due for new ones (Hint, hint...)...probably have 400+ on them and the feet felt it this morning.
But what a great run.  Brett had the course mapped out ahead of time, and the rain really wasn't that bad...I'll take the rain and 38 degrees over snow and -15 :)
A quick 4+ miles tonight before tomorrow's loooong ride...I'm feeling like I'm getting fit. (If I could only lose these 10 unwanted pounds, I'd be set!)

Hoppy Easter!

Hoka One One

...ok, so I have 30+ miles on the Hoka One One's, only run at night of course, and I have to say, they still feel great!  The cushion is amazing, and they're a bit more responsive than I thought they would be.
I have worn them 7 times for a total of roughly 32 recovery miles...and so far, so good.  maybe use them on a training run soon? 
...but good golly, they're ugly, hence the only wearing them at night :)

This week...

It's the Friday before Easter, and I've gotta say, I feel more like a runner now than I have since TCM.  Finally, a solid run, one where I felt strong, good pacing and felt great when I was done.  I'm talking about yesterday's 10 mile run from Woodbury to Hudson. 
Ok, I know, it's 9 miles of downhill followed by a killer up, but to clip along at 7:18 pace like it was nothing, followed by a strong UP-hill mile, I'm happy. 
I made it to Life Time today for a quick 45 minute spin along with a nice upper body weight session...I'm hoping to be ready for tomorrows long run.  Brett, easy on me!

Other highlights from this week included a solid 90 threshold ride on Sunday followed by a 4+ mile run in the new Hoka One One's...but more on those in another post.
A great week for core and strength as well.

...biggest concern for the week is my weight.  TCM race shape weight was 175ish...on Tuesday I weighed in at 187.  Holy shit!  Where did those 10 pounds come from?  …

Designing a workout...

Happy Friday!
6 days after Get Lucky, and I feel great.  Feet might be a little sore, but I think that's because I'm old...
Wednesday I went to Life Time to continue my work on Epic #25...a combination of workouts 13 and here's how it went:
30 minutes on the bike as written in Epic #21
2 MILES run at 9.2 (6:34 pace)
15 minutes on the bike
1 x 1 MILE at 9.5 (6:22)
15 minutes on the bike
1 x 1 MILE at 9.8 (6:10)
15 minutes on the bike
4 x 2 MINUTES at 10.0, 10.2, 10.0 and 10.4
2 minute breaks at 7.3
20 minutes on the bike...
Ok, not killer or EPIC, but it's a workout in the making.  Eventually I'd like to get this dialed in where the 2 mile leg is run at :10 under HM (Half Marathon) race pace, the 1 mile legs run :20 under, and the 2:00 legs run at :30 under. given my current fitness level at 1:26, I should be able to roll through the 2 mile at 9.4, the 1 miles at 9.7 and the 2:00 legs run at 10.0... I'll give it another shot in 2 weeks...

The rest of the week?

Get Lucky Pacing

That was chilly...
Pacing at 1:35:00...and it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.  Cold, windy, slippery...
Next up, Chippewa 50K...

Gonna be brrrrr...

3 days until the Get Lucky Half...forecast is calling for 13 degrees at the start of the race...last year we ran in 80 degree weather...wth?  I am supposed to be pacing a couple guys at 1:35, but how?  I'm such a freeze-baby, I'll have to sport 3 layers of clothing...along with a green tutu, of course :)
Training has been going ok...though I did have a solid run tonight in Woodbury ...8+ miles at a titch under 7:30 pace with Scott from Rachaels house.
7:46 first mile to warm up and mile 8 we were able to roll in 7:11, though it felt like work...
HERE is the course we ran...
Tomorrow I'll spin for 30+ minutes and lift...Friday will only be a few miles with strides...and Saturday, I'm looking to feel good, 17+ total for the morning, followed by a late afternoon 60 minute spin before the big night out.
The big night favorite bar with some amazing friends...though it was only 2 years ago that this bar meant a whole lot more :( 

...also, I am beginning to finalize my 20…

Marathon double...

So here is what I'm thinking...the weekend of May 18th and 19th, not only do I wanna pace at Fargo on Saturday the 18th, I wanna roll at the Green Bay Marathon the next day...
Drive to Fargo on Friday the 17th, pace/race on Saturday at 3:10...relax after the race with friends...maybe a cocktail (?), and then hop in the car and drive to Green Bay...about an 8 hour up and run GB Sunday morning...maybe become a 3:40 pacer?

Fun and busy weekend indeed... :)

Happy New Year!

Has it really been that long since I last posted?  What a crazy 3+ months it has been...getting sick right before TCM took it's toll on me.  I was ready to rumble, but it was just not to be last what do you do?  Saddle up and take 'er for another Fargo Marathon in May, here I come!
I will be pacing at 3:10 on May 18th (3:09:59) which will not only get a group of athletes into Boston for 2014, it will put me in Wave 1, 20+ minutes under (over?) my qualifying time.  Remember, I'm old, as I jump into the 50-54 age group this year, so I think I only need a 3:35 to qualify...

So stay tuned...and Happy New Year!