If you wanna run fast, you've gotta run fast...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tuesday August 28th

As you know, on Tuesday nights we meet at Gear West for faster paced workouts.  Every week, someone will bring a workout for us...last week, Jeff had us run 11 with 8 at 6:58 pace...I nailed that run and felt pretty amazing, finishing strong.  This week, Barry brought HIS workout, 12 miles as follows: 1 mile easy at 7:49 pace, 10 miles run at 7:09 pace, and 1 mile at 7:49 pace to CD.
Barry and I were joined once again by Anders, Jan and Luke...a smaller group than last week, but the IMWI athletes are in the middle of sharpening/taper phases, so we probably won't see them again until Spring.
Mile 1, 7:48...nice.  Miles 2-6 were all run at 6:55-7:06...I felt really good again...a lot of pop in the step, though both ankles were a tad sore, as was my left calf...wth?  Time for new shoes?
After the turnaround I tried to up the ante just a hair...soon we were down to 4, then 3...not on purpose, but by mile 9, it was just Luke and I.  I'm feeling good...off in the distance there was a couple on their bikes cruising down the Luce Line..."Can we reel them in, Luke?"  Well, we DID catch then, though it took a solid 2 miles!  We ran mile 10 in 6:11 and mile 11 in 5:39...nipping the cyclists at the line :)  I felt great, though I'm not sure how much longer I could have held 5:39 pace.  Running at 6:20-6:40 pace seems to be optimum for me...it's work though I seem to be able to run that for miles!  Goal pace at TCM?  6:35, baby!

A quick note...my weight has been steady at 178.5...I woke Wednesday morning to 175.2...ouch!  Time for Taco Tuesday or a Culver's Butter Burger :)

Next week, Anders...bring it!

Twin Cities Marathon...

...and before I forget, I found out Sunday that I received an Elite Comp Entry into the Twin Cities Marathon scheduled for October 7th!
The plan, with less than 6 weeks to train, is to attack the 'plan' with a goal time of 2:52:30.
With this goal time, that would generally place me in the top 8 in the 45-49 age group...TCM is once again the Master's Marathon National Championships...last year 2:52 would have finished 4th, the year before it wouldn't have placed.  Who knows...so much is both weather related and depending on who shows up. 
I think I'm probably in 3:02 shape right now, with 5+ weeks to go...I can get there...with a lot of hard work. 

Welcome back...

It seems like it's been months since I last posted...oh wait, is HAS been! 
I had an eventful summer, making the decision to not race in NYC was hard, but in the end I believe it was the right decision.  I really wanted to roll, but...
I was able, however, to recover from my pesky chronic fatigue syndrome that hit me hard this past Spring...what an awful feeling.
I did, however, have a pretty decent summer of training...not so much the swim, but I was able to spend a lot of time on the bike and was able to average about 35 miles per week of running, some a bit more, some less, though in the end, I'm feeling pretty good.

Stay tuned...crazy train-ing is coming!