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Sunday, June 3, 2012

To race, or not...

So as I'm chatting with fellow Gear West athletes earlier today at out team 'party', and I find out that there is a mile race on the track this Wednesday night...a last chance meet open to all.
As many of you know, I am still rolling with my sub 5:00 streak, having run sub-5:00 for the mile for the past 32 years...2012 could be 33.  In the spring of 1980, as a Junior in HS, I ran 4:54...and I've never looked back.  Some years it's been close, 4:58 in 1999 off no training, and a handful of sub 4:25 races in the summer/fall of 1991.
So here we are, 2012.  I'm 49 years old, in pretty solid shape...but mile shape?  I do limited/no speedwork anymore, relying on strength/tempo/steady state runs to make my money...but how does that translate to a mile?  Shit, maybe I should just find out. 
If I race, I won't alter the 'plan', running on slightly tuckered legs...but throw on some spikes, a cool evening at Wayzata high School with a fast field, and anything can happen :)


New kit...

Does yellow make me look chubby?  ...and why does my head look so big?