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Get Lucky Half Marathon

Hope everyone had a great weekend...what beautiful weather, though do I dare say it was a little 'hot' on Saturday for the race?  It probably wasn't that hot, though having skied only 10 days prior, 75 felt warm! As you probably know, I LOVE pacing...and I really enjoy pacing the half marathon was the case on Saturday for the Get Lucky Half Marathon.  Today's goal, 1:29:59. Gonna run with John, Dave and Barry...with Jeff, Tony, Chad, Shelly and Mark also running Saturday. The plan was an easy opening mile, followed by 2+ miles of downhill cruising...6+ miles settled in at 6:50 pace followed by a 2+ mile climb home. John?  Where in hell are you?  Looks like we're down to 3 at the start... Damn Garmin...why won't you connect? The first few miles went off without a hitch, though we lost Barry early on due to a tight hammy.  6:36, 6:41, 6:39...blah, blah, blah...  Turn-around came pretty quick for Dave and I in 44:11...right on plan. We were hoping for a :…


Just a quick update on the training...  Still going well, still pluggin' along...the feet have been a little sore lately, though that's only because I have been in run focus for the past 2 weeks.  Should hit 50+ this week, which is a lot for me.
Over the past 10 days since my last post, I've had a couple of near-EPIC rides, including last Saturday at Life Time SLP, and some quality, though mainly 'miles' via running.  I am pacing a 1:29:59 group (6:52 pace) at the Get Lucky Half Marathon this Saturday, and just to be sure I could do this without a hitch, I did a modified up-tempo run on Tuesday of this week, mainly for confidence.  8 mile run on an out and back course...felt good right out of the gate.  Miles 1-4, 7:05, 6:56, 6:58, 6:54 (27:53) the turn-around I upped the ante just a hair...6:51, 6:44, 6:42 and finished at 6:39 (26:56/54:49).  The run felt pretty easy and I did a nice cool-down walk/jog when I was done to total 10 miles for the day.  It seemed …

Stay tuned... I ever going to update this damn blog?  If I get a chance, tomorrow and Saturday both.
Stay tuned...and as always, train cake!



Did I mention how tired I am?  The treadmill race ran me ragged...The weekend of training went off as planned...I had a 9 miler scheduled for Saturday with an OFF day on Sunday!
Saturday's run was done late...8:00ish, and it was cold (20 degrees) with too much wind. 
Jen joined me on the bike while I ran the out and back course.  It was snow covered, slippery and I had to cross uncharted trails more than twice which slowed me down.
I hit 4.5 miles right around 40 minutes...really?  Was I running that slow?  Into the wind and 6 stops for snow...OK, that makes sense, but I need to pick up the pace. 
I could tell I had picked up the pace on the Regional Trail, 7:20 pace or so...hit mile 8 in good shape and needed a strong finish...worked mile 9 to 7:04, a solid mile considering the elements and trails...pretty excited on how it went.
Core...a LOT of core in the evening...feeling like a rock!

Happy Monday!