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Pic of Securian

Coach D, David, Jason and Barry...gettin' 'er done...

Securian Half Marathon

What a beautiful for a far as Minnesota is concerned.  Woke up at 6 to get the baby-girl ready for the day...breakfast, Pepsi Max...and the drive in to the sitter.
Got to the race an hour+ early so I could register (last minute as usual), though I did sign up as 'me' and not Rusty Chevrolet :)  Threw on the trainers and ran EASY through the streets of St. Paul for 35+ minutes...and felt NO aches/pains, and had a little spring...yes, it was going to be a good day!
So here's the plan, 7:15's over and over would get the group home in 1:35...and you know how much I love a plan.
Ran into David and Barry a few minutes before the start, Stubs and Jason as well.  Let's get this party started!
Gun goes off, and away we go...downhill to start...TOO fast, slow down!  The first 2+ miles were a loop through DT St. Paul before heading down to the river...3 miles, right on track, but good-golly was it windy, HEAD wind of course!  I felt like the little engine, wanting to pul…

Securian Half Marathon

Is it race season already?  I may opt to toe the line this Saturday and pace 1:35 at the Securian Half Marathon...I guess the only reason I won't run is if it's -47 degrees, or if they shorten the course due to the weather...  Join me?

My new favorite quote...

'Someone is building a base while you're enjoying the off-season...'
...isn't that the truth...

Weekend of training...

`He's still here...he's still rolling...Having survived my crazy drive to Louisiana last weekend, I was able to jump right back into training without skipping a beat...and that's not to say that Louisiana was an 'off' weekend, as I was able to run and workout while I was there, though I did have to take Friday and Monday off cuz I was driving.
Tuesday-Thursday were solid days...2:15 brick on Tuesday, 7+ mile trail-run on Wednesday with Speedy and 2:15 on the trainer at LifeTime on Thursday.
Friday January 20th:  Friday's are Gear West group run days...this morning we did just a hair over an hour...Tom, Jan, Speedy and I hit the snow covered trails early...what a great run with good company.
Friday evening, core...yummy.
Saturday January 21st:  I agreed to meet Tony for a little 8 mile run this morning...early, though I guess 'early' is relative...9:00 a.m. is early for me...7:30 it was.  I ran from home to LifeTime where I met Tony and we ran 8+ miles at 7:…