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2 weeks, baby!

I know, I haven't  been the best at posting over the past few weeks...but with 3 weeks done and 2 to go, training is going 'fine'... I wouldn't call it great, time is not my friend, but I'm still injury free, and still running strong. 
I seem to have a solid workout followed by 3 average runs...averaging right around 45-55 miles per week and 5-7 hours on the bike.  The bike will start to go away with 8-12 days out because as you know, I'm not the biggest taper fan, so I'll run hard, maybe a few less miles, right up until a few days before TCM.
A couple key runs over the past few weeks have included a 10 miler with Brett at 6:35 pace, a 22+ miler with Barry last Saturday at 7:40 pace...that run, because of how easy it was, gave me a bit more confidence.  Thanks Barry!
...and then there's last night's 10 miler...but first let's set the stage first.  I rode my bike into work yesterday, a quick 20 minute commute, worked all day, rode 25+ minutes home …

10 Mile TT...

As many of you know, I LOVE running at night!  I'll take a 10:00 pm run weather, music LOUD and bumping...lightweight trainers and a Garmin...a dream date for me :)
Well, that was tonight!  The plan was for 10 miles at 6:25-6:35 to the Regional trail and out and back to Excelsior along the lake.  ...and what a gorgeous night...pitch dark on the return trip...maybe 65 degrees.  This is a course I have done dozens of times before, so I have recorded times and know how fast I have run.
Mile 1, 6:49...just warming up...mile 5 turnaround in 32:40...and I starting to feel the groove.  Miles 6 and 7 were run around 6:11 each followed by a now I'm getting a tad tired, but I still want to finish strong.  Miles 6-10 were run in 31:12 (6:14 average) for a total time of 1:03:52...what the hell?  Where did that come from?  Now don't get me wrong, I could not have run 20 at that pace, but it gives me a little more confidence as I look to make my plan for TCM.

End of Week #1...

Saturday night, relaxing after my first official week of training leading up to TCM.  Another marathon 'cram', with 5 weeks to go.  I'll give this week a B-.
Saturday September 1st:  I started today off with a brisk 20 minute ride to the store (avg. 20.8) before I set out on a pretty solid 16 mile run.  Averaged about 8:15 for 16 mainly on trails...felt pretty springy though I could have used a tab more water over the final 3-4 miles.  Finished my morning up with a 25 minute ride home (avg. 21.6).  A solid stretch followed...
My evening run was a 4 miler at 11:15p...Jenn rode along on the bike...nothing too quick, 4 miles at 7:21 aches or pains...core followed.

I ended the week with 44 miles of running and 6.25 hours on the bike along with 4 strength/core sessions.  Feeling pretty good.  Week #2, 55 miles :)
Other weekly highlights:
Friday:  Ride to and from work with a 9 mile trail run thrown in...
Sunday:  Rode to the store, 2:20 ride with the group and then a 25 min…

Tuesday August 28th

As you know, on Tuesday nights we meet at Gear West for faster paced workouts.  Every week, someone will bring a workout for us...last week, Jeff had us run 11 with 8 at 6:58 pace...I nailed that run and felt pretty amazing, finishing strong.  This week, Barry brought HIS workout, 12 miles as follows: 1 mile easy at 7:49 pace, 10 miles run at 7:09 pace, and 1 mile at 7:49 pace to CD.
Barry and I were joined once again by Anders, Jan and Luke...a smaller group than last week, but the IMWI athletes are in the middle of sharpening/taper phases, so we probably won't see them again until Spring.
Mile 1, 7:48...nice.  Miles 2-6 were all run at 6:55-7:06...I felt really good again...a lot of pop in the step, though both ankles were a tad sore, as was my left calf...wth?  Time for new shoes?
After the turnaround I tried to up the ante just a hair...soon we were down to 4, then 3...not on purpose, but by mile 9, it was just Luke and I.  I'm feeling in the distance there was a c…

Twin Cities Marathon...

...and before I forget, I found out Sunday that I received an Elite Comp Entry into the Twin Cities Marathon scheduled for October 7th!
The plan, with less than 6 weeks to train, is to attack the 'plan' with a goal time of 2:52:30.
With this goal time, that would generally place me in the top 8 in the 45-49 age group...TCM is once again the Master's Marathon National Championships...last year 2:52 would have finished 4th, the year before it wouldn't have placed.  Who much is both weather related and depending on who shows up. 
I think I'm probably in 3:02 shape right now, with 5+ weeks to go...I can get there...with a lot of hard work.

Welcome back...

It seems like it's been months since I last posted...oh wait, is HAS been! 
I had an eventful summer, making the decision to not race in NYC was hard, but in the end I believe it was the right decision.  I really wanted to roll, but...
I was able, however, to recover from my pesky chronic fatigue syndrome that hit me hard this past Spring...what an awful feeling.
I did, however, have a pretty decent summer of training...not so much the swim, but I was able to spend a lot of time on the bike and was able to average about 35 miles per week of running, some a bit more, some less, though in the end, I'm feeling pretty good.

Stay tuned...crazy train-ing is coming!

To race, or not...

So as I'm chatting with fellow Gear West athletes earlier today at out team 'party', and I find out that there is a mile race on the track this Wednesday night...a last chance meet open to all.
As many of you know, I am still rolling with my sub 5:00 streak, having run sub-5:00 for the mile for the past 32 years...2012 could be 33.  In the spring of 1980, as a Junior in HS, I ran 4:54...and I've never looked back.  Some years it's been close, 4:58 in 1999 off no training, and a handful of sub 4:25 races in the summer/fall of 1991.
So here we are, 2012.  I'm 49 years old, in pretty solid shape...but mile shape?  I do limited/no speedwork anymore, relying on strength/tempo/steady state runs to make my money...but how does that translate to a mile?  Shit, maybe I should just find out. 
If I race, I won't alter the 'plan', running on slightly tuckered legs...but throw on some spikes, a cool evening at Wayzata high School with a fast field, and anything ca…

New kit...

Does yellow make me look chubby?  ...and why does my head look so big?

Sick and tired... 37 hours I'll be running the Trail Mix 50K, without a plan.  I'm sitting here, not sure if I should 'go to the well' and race, or use the race as a workout.  I had every intention of racing until last weekend when I got sick...I feel much better today, but what did the cold/flu take out of me?  It is only 31 miles...  :)
iPod is loaded and charged, Garmin is ready to go, and my shoes are clean and dry...
Let's chat about this past week. 
Last Saturday (April 14th) I had a solid 13+ miler with Jeff to/around/back from Baker Park in Orono.  I was getting sick, I was pretty rundown, though the run went well.  I felt strong the entire way (7:50 pace)...though when i got done, I was peeing  I didn't 'feel' bad, just rundown...96 oz. of PowerAde Recovery and I had all the energy in the world.  Almost 50 miles of running for the week...close to 5 hours on the bike, swam twice with a lot of core/ wonder I was rundown, huh?
Sunday Apr…

The last few days...

Thursday April 12th:  An easy 90 minutes on the trainer at LT Woodbury followed by a solid upper-body lift session.  Pretty tuckered on the bike...still haven't recovered from Tuesday's run, and I haven't been able to put the 3+ pounds back on.
Wednesday April 11th:  An early morning hour long run with the folks from Gear West and Gea from K Swiss.  Easy run (8:30ish pace) through the woods just outside of Long Lake...2 words for you, TUCK ERED!  ...
Tuesday April 10th:  Morning 1950 in the, I could talk all day about the afternoon run...the lack of fluid/nutrition, the fact that the first 8 was downhill with the wind at my back...  16 miles run from home to and from LT SLP.  Logged 8.10 to LT at 7:09 pace...felt EASY, kept telling myself, 'slowdown'...quick drink and a gel and it was time to head home.  UPhill and a tough headwind, averaged 7:03 on the return trip...7:06 average.  Garmin said 16.20.  Here is a link to the run.…

Playlist for today's 16 miler...

Heading out the door in a few for a quick and easy 16 is today's iPod playlist. 
7:30-7:40 pace followed by a lift/core session...I'll post Garmin results when I'm done.
What a beautiful day!

American Idiot - Green Day
Bartender - Rehab
Blue Monday - Orgy
Dog days Are Over - Florence...
Feel So Close - Calvin Harris
Freebird - LS
It takes Two - Rob Base...
La La La - LMFAO
Lose Yourself - Eminem
Master of Puppets - Metallica
Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO
The Pretender - Foo Fighters
Ride The Wind - Poison
Sandstorm - Darude
Stay With Me - Rod Stewert
Sucker Train Blues - Velvet Revolver

Bike fitting...

Brett at Gear West fit me last week...I seem to have a 'hitch' at this height...lowered the saddle some and made some other adjustments and it looked and felt a lot did the hamstring!  Enjoy...

Dodged a bullet...actually 3!

What a crazy week of close calls...first let's start by saying that the past 10 days of training have gone as planned (though I did have to re-schedule my long run planned for Saturday).
First, it's been about 10 days since the hamstring started bothering me, and by last Tuesday/Wednesday it was REALLY sore...enough for me to sit on a bag of ice, take an ice bath and even, are you ready, I even stretch a little :)  ..but have no fear, I had NO pain on my brick yesterday and today I feel back to normal. 
I think I tweaked it bouldering at Red Rock outside of Vegas a couple of weeks ago :(  Bullet #1...
Next, last Wednesday while trail running with the GW crew I turned my ankle...and when I say I 'turned' it, that's exactly what happened.  It completely buckled under me, and I'm not sure how it didn't break...but I was able to run on with minimal pain and by the end of the day I had no pain and/or swelling.  How did that happen?  Rubber ankles?  Though thinking …

Get Lucky Half Marathon

Hope everyone had a great weekend...what beautiful weather, though do I dare say it was a little 'hot' on Saturday for the race?  It probably wasn't that hot, though having skied only 10 days prior, 75 felt warm! As you probably know, I LOVE pacing...and I really enjoy pacing the half marathon was the case on Saturday for the Get Lucky Half Marathon.  Today's goal, 1:29:59. Gonna run with John, Dave and Barry...with Jeff, Tony, Chad, Shelly and Mark also running Saturday. The plan was an easy opening mile, followed by 2+ miles of downhill cruising...6+ miles settled in at 6:50 pace followed by a 2+ mile climb home. John?  Where in hell are you?  Looks like we're down to 3 at the start... Damn Garmin...why won't you connect? The first few miles went off without a hitch, though we lost Barry early on due to a tight hammy.  6:36, 6:41, 6:39...blah, blah, blah...  Turn-around came pretty quick for Dave and I in 44:11...right on plan. We were hoping for a :…


Just a quick update on the training...  Still going well, still pluggin' along...the feet have been a little sore lately, though that's only because I have been in run focus for the past 2 weeks.  Should hit 50+ this week, which is a lot for me.
Over the past 10 days since my last post, I've had a couple of near-EPIC rides, including last Saturday at Life Time SLP, and some quality, though mainly 'miles' via running.  I am pacing a 1:29:59 group (6:52 pace) at the Get Lucky Half Marathon this Saturday, and just to be sure I could do this without a hitch, I did a modified up-tempo run on Tuesday of this week, mainly for confidence.  8 mile run on an out and back course...felt good right out of the gate.  Miles 1-4, 7:05, 6:56, 6:58, 6:54 (27:53) the turn-around I upped the ante just a hair...6:51, 6:44, 6:42 and finished at 6:39 (26:56/54:49).  The run felt pretty easy and I did a nice cool-down walk/jog when I was done to total 10 miles for the day.  It seemed …

Stay tuned... I ever going to update this damn blog?  If I get a chance, tomorrow and Saturday both.
Stay tuned...and as always, train cake!



Did I mention how tired I am?  The treadmill race ran me ragged...The weekend of training went off as planned...I had a 9 miler scheduled for Saturday with an OFF day on Sunday!
Saturday's run was done late...8:00ish, and it was cold (20 degrees) with too much wind. 
Jen joined me on the bike while I ran the out and back course.  It was snow covered, slippery and I had to cross uncharted trails more than twice which slowed me down.
I hit 4.5 miles right around 40 minutes...really?  Was I running that slow?  Into the wind and 6 stops for snow...OK, that makes sense, but I need to pick up the pace. 
I could tell I had picked up the pace on the Regional Trail, 7:20 pace or so...hit mile 8 in good shape and needed a strong finish...worked mile 9 to 7:04, a solid mile considering the elements and trails...pretty excited on how it went.
Core...a LOT of core in the evening...feeling like a rock!

Happy Monday!

Snow Day

Where did all this snow come from?  Great for those of you heading to Birkie this weekend, but it sucks for those of us looking to run on some trails.  I know, it will be gone soon enough.What?  No Speedy this morning?  Sick kid?  ...we'll just have to manage without him.
Even with the fresh 5 inches of snow, Jeff, Brodie and I decided to head to the trails just North of Long Lake for our run...what were we thinking?  Mile 1 TO the park, 8:20ish, miles 2 and 3 THROUGH the park, 10:30+ pace, as we were blazing the trail, eventually running along a fence-line in 6+ inches of fresh snow.  Now THAT'S work...still running at 10:30 pace, HR at 166...? 
Once we finally hit the pavement, miles 4-9 were run consistently at 8:15 pace...beautiful 20 degree weather, good conversation...pleasant indeed!
Solid core session tonight...looking forward to my ride/swim tomorrow :)  ...and thanks for the run Jeff and B!

Where in the H have I been?

Seems like weeks since I've last posted...well calm down kids, it's only been a week...and here I am :)So let's get you up to speed as to how this past week went...I had a couple 'up' days as well as a couple 'strugglers'.
Life itself right now is pretty crazy...with Torun, BP and Gear West, my time is pretty limited, but I've still managed to maintain roughly 12 hours per  Not sure...I guess the thoughts of NYC in August keep me going :)
Let's go backwards in the calender, shall we?
Monday Feb 20th:  4 miles easy with Jennifer late Monday night...REALLY easy running in 4 inches of fresh HEAVY/wet snow.  Tough footing, but what a beautiful night!  Light weights and core as well.
Sunday Feb. 19th:  After a day of doing nothing...(and when I say nothing, that's exactly what I mean)...I went to Life Time SLP for a spin there an hour early and rode Z3, then rode almost a half hour after class to total 2:25 for the day.  And I wis…


Image super PUMPED about getting picked up by Powerbar for 2 more years of sponsorship! PowerBar, you guys ROCK!

NEAR Epic today...

Hope you all had a great weekend...
It's Monday, usually a day to sit on the trainer for a couple/few hours, but as per the plan, today was to be an Epic (near Epic) day...and I was ready to rumble.
In the right frame of mind, wanting to ROCK, needing to was hopping, as were the tunes on the iPod....a modified Epic 21, here we come!
So here we go...and thanks to Mike Stone for putting up with me today.  You are a BEAST, Mike...always a pleasure!
The workout...a run focused brick.  Intervals with biking wrapped around it.
Bike/1 Mile run/Bike/4:00 run/Bike/1 Mile run/Bike/4:00 run/Bike/4 x 2 minutes/Bike
20 minutes on the bike/trainer...10E followed by 2 BP hillz...quick transition to the treadmill.
Tread, :30 at 7.5 then moved it up to 10.5 for the first mile...finished in around 5:50...felt GREAT!
10 minutes back on the trainer in upper Z2/aero...
...quick transition to the tread...:30 at 7.5 then 3:30 at 11.0.
10 minutes back on the trainer in upper Z2/aero...
...another quick…


This is hardcore training...I don't think I'm worthy.

I need a nap...

Image it time for a nap yet?  Sat on the trainer at LifeTime with Mike this morning...well, Mike and I didn't actually sit on the SAME trainer, he was on the bike NEXT to get the point.  2 hours and 10 minutes and I was done...still pretty run-down without much 'pop'.  I really need a good nights sleep somewhere along the line, but with work, coaching, training and 4 kids at home...looks like sleep won't happen until 2018.  (I know, bitch, bitch, bitch...)

Also, looks like I'll be rolling as a 1:35 pacer at the Get Lucky Half Marathon March 17th in the Twin Cities...join me?  7:14 pace...  It's a great course and should be a lot of fun :)

Rubbin' is racin'...

So late last week Speedy says 'Let's run this 5K race on Sunday as a tempo run...6:10 pace.'  Well, you know me...I never turn down a race, whether it's a 'race' or a tempo run...I'd race every weekend if I could...just to toe the line, ANY line, gives me goosebumps.
The Freeze Your Buns 5K held in Hamel, MN looked to be fun...26 degrees at the start, so not exactly 'freezing'.  Of course I toed the line in shorts and my new GW jacket, and a fully loaded iPod.
Remember, 6:10 was the goal..18:59...easy.  Gun sounds and off we go.  Bigger kid takes off along with an older, a tad pudgy road-racer sporting a pair of LunarRacers...who are these guys and why are they in Hamel, MN in January?  Well, mile 1 came by in 5:45 which put nice separation between the top 3 and the rest of the field.  ...but 5:45?  What happened to 6:10?  ...time to start slowing down.  Mile 2, 12:05, right on track.  At this point, Speedy and I were still running side/by/side up fro…

Pic of Securian

Coach D, David, Jason and Barry...gettin' 'er done...

Securian Half Marathon

What a beautiful for a far as Minnesota is concerned.  Woke up at 6 to get the baby-girl ready for the day...breakfast, Pepsi Max...and the drive in to the sitter.
Got to the race an hour+ early so I could register (last minute as usual), though I did sign up as 'me' and not Rusty Chevrolet :)  Threw on the trainers and ran EASY through the streets of St. Paul for 35+ minutes...and felt NO aches/pains, and had a little spring...yes, it was going to be a good day!
So here's the plan, 7:15's over and over would get the group home in 1:35...and you know how much I love a plan.
Ran into David and Barry a few minutes before the start, Stubs and Jason as well.  Let's get this party started!
Gun goes off, and away we go...downhill to start...TOO fast, slow down!  The first 2+ miles were a loop through DT St. Paul before heading down to the river...3 miles, right on track, but good-golly was it windy, HEAD wind of course!  I felt like the little engine, wanting to pul…

Securian Half Marathon

Is it race season already?  I may opt to toe the line this Saturday and pace 1:35 at the Securian Half Marathon...I guess the only reason I won't run is if it's -47 degrees, or if they shorten the course due to the weather...  Join me?

My new favorite quote...

'Someone is building a base while you're enjoying the off-season...'
...isn't that the truth...

Weekend of training...

`He's still here...he's still rolling...Having survived my crazy drive to Louisiana last weekend, I was able to jump right back into training without skipping a beat...and that's not to say that Louisiana was an 'off' weekend, as I was able to run and workout while I was there, though I did have to take Friday and Monday off cuz I was driving.
Tuesday-Thursday were solid days...2:15 brick on Tuesday, 7+ mile trail-run on Wednesday with Speedy and 2:15 on the trainer at LifeTime on Thursday.
Friday January 20th:  Friday's are Gear West group run days...this morning we did just a hair over an hour...Tom, Jan, Speedy and I hit the snow covered trails early...what a great run with good company.
Friday evening, core...yummy.
Saturday January 21st:  I agreed to meet Tony for a little 8 mile run this morning...early, though I guess 'early' is relative...9:00 a.m. is early for me...7:30 it was.  I ran from home to LifeTime where I met Tony and we ran 8+ miles at 7:…