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Grandma's Marathon results...

Well, that was fun!
It's Monday, June 20th, and I've had a couple of days to reflect on this weekends marathon...and I have to admit, I'm still kind of on a high!
First, lets talk about the taper.  My Wed.-Fri. before the race went off without a hitch.  75 minutes on the bike on Wed, OFF on Thursday and a quick 4 mile run with strides on Friday...along with a lot of core/lifting and stretching over those 3 days.  Felt great and the feet/legs felt awesome...ready to rumble.

I wasn't able to drive up on Friday, instead I had to leave early Saturday morning, getting to Duluth around 6 a.m.  It actually worked out pretty well, and Mike was nice enough to pick up my race packet seeings how I missed the expo. 

Toeing the line with me on Saturday was Bill, John, Mike and Paul...all ready to rumble.  BANG, and we're off.  Needing to run 3:14:59, we needed to average 7:26 per mile.  Mile 1, 7:31, mile 2, 7:28...7:26, 7:25...and so on.  At 10 miles we were 2 seconds fast...right…

I'm a blog-slacker...

I know, I's been a week since I last posted... Relax people...remember, Rome wasn't built in a day.
I won't go over day by day how the training went over the past writing is boring enough, but I will touch on the highlights.

Week 3 ending June 4th: 40 miles of running / 4 hours of riding 
Weekly weight - 177.6

I feel like I'm ready to pace at Grandma's.  Again, to pace at 3:15, I need to be in 3:05 shape, and I feel like I am.  The feet are feeling amazing lately...I just need to keep with the PT...who knows what the season has in store for me.  It's exciting to finally start thinking about a race 'schedule' for myself.  Though I do, and always will, lack race specific training for any given period of time/race, but I'd like to run a 50 miler, a track mile, a fast marathon along with a solid CC season this fall...maybe head to CC Nationals with the Run N Fun Race Team? I know there is still a fast mile in there, maybe not another …

Where did that run come from?

My 5 week Grandma's Marathon 'cram' may be paying off...I'm half way through and still running pretty much pain free...surprising after everything my feet have been through over the past couple of years.
Let's first start with Monday...
Monday May 30th:  Still feeling a little sore/tuckered from Saturday's 20 miler, so I went to LifeTime and sat on the bike for an hour and 45 minutes...Z2 ride in aero for at least an hour.  Core and my 'Leslie' routine and a good stretch to finish the day. 
Tuesday May 31st:  If the 5 week 'cram' pays off, I'm going to look back to THIS run as the run that put me over the top.
The plan for the day, 13 miles of easy running at 7:54-8:04 pace on the trails at Lake Elmo Park Reserve...Mile 1, 7:12...Mile 2, 7:13...and so on...6 miles in 43:30 hitting the first 10K loop in 45:10 (7:15 average).  I started loop two hoping to step back a little, but the weather was perfect, music was pumping and I felt strong with a …