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Weekend training...

Here I sit, Monday morning, reflecting on the weekend of training, 3 weeks out of Grandma's...and still on a high from Saturday's 20+ miler.  As many of you know, I'm not a big long-run kind of guy, never have been.  Back in the day when we would rock-out 100+ mile weeks over and over, I never went beyond 16-18, opting for quality over the quantity, so for me to run 20+'s a big step.

Here is the weekend: Saturday May 28th:  Decided to roll with the boys this morning as opposed to running solo at Elmo.  Mike took us down to the the River Road...though we weren't on the 'road' for long...when Mike said he found trails, he wasn't kidding.  Up and down, over and over...and mud, over the first 7+ miles before we jumped on a paved bike path.  At 10 we turned around and ran the trails back...most of it done at 7:50-8:00 pace, which felt really easy today.  When we got back we needed to add on 3 miles, so out and back on the bike trail we went, and the…

Pacing at Grandma's

What a great day...beautiful weather, an amazing run with Bill this evening...a frozen Jack's pizza for dinner while watching the Mav's...lose...and now I find out that I'll be pacing at Grandma's in a little over 4 weeks.
3:15 will be the time, which means 3:14:59.  Pacing John, which will qualify him for Boston, Bill and I will take turns pulling if windy...and at 3:15, Bill and I will both have the 15 minute "Boston' cushion.
Happy days!