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Running with the boys...

Wednesday morning had me hitting the trails with the boys for an hour 'easy', though I guess everyone views 'easy' a little differently.  Brett (just ran 2:48 at TCM), Speedy (former 2:24 cat...), Matt (15:40 5K guy who won Birkie in 2009) and I set out for an hour on the trails.  From the store it's roughly 8 minutes to the single track trails...what a great run...7:20-7:40 pace the whole way, and I felt great. 
Friday we're going to get out on the same trails for 90 minutes.  Have to admit, I'm a little sore today...feet, ankles and calves are all a little sore, mainly from the terrain of the trails...might be time for some trail shoes?  Hmmm...
Doing most of my training solo because of my crazy schedule, felt good to get out with the boys...

Coach D

Solid Sunday Brick...

It's been a week or so since I've posted on the blog...but fear not young grasshopper, training is going well...consistent mileage, both running and on the bike.  I have yet to start 'working', though the runs and rides are going well, as are the core/strength.  Pool work starts soon...So let's talk for a second about today's workout...a brick workout that I've been eyeing for a week or so.  1:32 on the bike, in the wind...both ways (?)...but was able to generate good power.  Quick transition for my favorite 6 mile loop.
The plan was to run the first 3 at 6:50 pace, and then 6:35 pace on the trip's how the run went:
Mile 1: 6:49
Mile 2: 6:31
Mile 3: 6:59
Mile 4: 6:41
Mile 5: 6:19
Mile 6: 6:27...6 miles in 39:48
A solid effort...and the run felt good...I was working, but not killer.  Legs had no problem coming off the bike...sign of good things to come I hope :)
I'll try to be a little more consistent in my posting...promise :)

Coach D

Building the base...

Week 1 (9-18-2011): Run 25 miles / Bike 5.25 hours / Weight 179.6
Week 2 (9-25): Run 25 miles / Bike 6.5 hours / Weight 179.4
Week 3 (10-2): Run 22.5 miles / Bike 7 hours / Weight 180.1
Week 4 (10-9): Run 26 miles / Bike 6.25 hours / Weight 180.2
Week 5 (10-16): Run 23.25 miles / Bike 9.5 hours / 179.9
Week 6: (10-23): Run 40 / Bike 4.25 hours / Weight 178.7
Week 7: (10-30): Run 31.25 / Bike 6 hours / Weight 179.1

...just building that foundation...

Coach D

Week 4 Epics...

Gotta talk about a couple of workouts that have happened already this week.
First, I've been feeling pretty good...strong and confident and ready to roll.  Feet are still feeling good, and I'm really surprised how well the bike is coming back (Let's hope the swim comes back as easily :) )
2 Epic workouts already this week...
Sunday October 9th:  Today was a day to take all the kids to Valley Fair, probably the last nice weekend day before the snow flies, so I got up early and opted to do the 'Near 20' out and back I did last week.  19+ miles each way, moderately hilly with a few stop lights.  Last week I rode this fairly hard...59:19 out and 1:00:02 on the return trip.  At the time I thought that was pretty solid...roughly 40 miles in under 2 hours...with a couple stops and a nice wind along the lake.   Well Sunday, feeling great with a lot of energy, rolled to and through the turnaround in 54:19 and the return trip in 53:02...averaged around 21.5 with stops.  Felt g…

October 1st Race Report

Saturday October 1st, 2011.  St. Therese 5K...Deephaven, MN

Really needed a hard training effort, and what better way than to jump into your local 5K.  St. Therese is about a mile away from the house in a beautiful, yet hilly part of town.
Jen dropped me off at the church early so I could register, do my warmup, stretch and such (She went for coffee).  Today was a day to be run in trainers (Good, cuz my flats are currently MIA).  Felt great as I did my strides...springy :)
The plan for the day was 6 minute pace...18:40, I told Jennifer.  I did NOT want to race...glad I lost my flats...
Lined up with about 100 others...BANG, gun goes off.  Wind around the church and start heading out towards Lake Minnetonka.  The first mile was pretty much all downhill, and I felt great...5:59...easy enough.  Felt like a training run, about an effort of 6.  ...but wait, where did THIS hill come from?  Wow...time to lean in, pump the arms and stay on pace.  Winding up and into Deephaven, mile 2 was hit in 6…

Finally updated...

Sorry for the long wait in the posting was a crazy weekend at the races.

Where did I leave off...Thursday September 29th?
Thursday September 29th:  Easy run day with Chad...7.5 miles at roughly 8:15 pace.  Ran this on the Regional Trail, which is softer than running on asphalt/cement...and guess who we ran into again, Paul G. was rolling a workout, probably a final prep before the TC 10 Miler.  The boy looks so smooth and strong.  My run was real aches or pains, and just like earlier this week, it was hard to slow down...legs are a little sore/tired from the bike and/or lifting and core.
Friday the 30th:  OFF with the exception of upper body lifting a LOT of core.  Stretched some as I anticipate a long workout tomorrow...BRING IT!
Saturday October 1st:RACE REPORT will be posted soon, though here is how the rest of the day went...  When I got home from the race, I ran a quick 3 miles with Jennifer.  The achilles were both a little sore, but I was able to make it …

Grandma's Marathon results...

Well, that was fun!
It's Monday, June 20th, and I've had a couple of days to reflect on this weekends marathon...and I have to admit, I'm still kind of on a high!
First, lets talk about the taper.  My Wed.-Fri. before the race went off without a hitch.  75 minutes on the bike on Wed, OFF on Thursday and a quick 4 mile run with strides on Friday...along with a lot of core/lifting and stretching over those 3 days.  Felt great and the feet/legs felt awesome...ready to rumble.

I wasn't able to drive up on Friday, instead I had to leave early Saturday morning, getting to Duluth around 6 a.m.  It actually worked out pretty well, and Mike was nice enough to pick up my race packet seeings how I missed the expo. 

Toeing the line with me on Saturday was Bill, John, Mike and Paul...all ready to rumble.  BANG, and we're off.  Needing to run 3:14:59, we needed to average 7:26 per mile.  Mile 1, 7:31, mile 2, 7:28...7:26, 7:25...and so on.  At 10 miles we were 2 seconds fast...right…

I'm a blog-slacker...

I know, I's been a week since I last posted... Relax people...remember, Rome wasn't built in a day.
I won't go over day by day how the training went over the past writing is boring enough, but I will touch on the highlights.

Week 3 ending June 4th: 40 miles of running / 4 hours of riding 
Weekly weight - 177.6

I feel like I'm ready to pace at Grandma's.  Again, to pace at 3:15, I need to be in 3:05 shape, and I feel like I am.  The feet are feeling amazing lately...I just need to keep with the PT...who knows what the season has in store for me.  It's exciting to finally start thinking about a race 'schedule' for myself.  Though I do, and always will, lack race specific training for any given period of time/race, but I'd like to run a 50 miler, a track mile, a fast marathon along with a solid CC season this fall...maybe head to CC Nationals with the Run N Fun Race Team? I know there is still a fast mile in there, maybe not another …

Where did that run come from?

My 5 week Grandma's Marathon 'cram' may be paying off...I'm half way through and still running pretty much pain free...surprising after everything my feet have been through over the past couple of years.
Let's first start with Monday...
Monday May 30th:  Still feeling a little sore/tuckered from Saturday's 20 miler, so I went to LifeTime and sat on the bike for an hour and 45 minutes...Z2 ride in aero for at least an hour.  Core and my 'Leslie' routine and a good stretch to finish the day. 
Tuesday May 31st:  If the 5 week 'cram' pays off, I'm going to look back to THIS run as the run that put me over the top.
The plan for the day, 13 miles of easy running at 7:54-8:04 pace on the trails at Lake Elmo Park Reserve...Mile 1, 7:12...Mile 2, 7:13...and so on...6 miles in 43:30 hitting the first 10K loop in 45:10 (7:15 average).  I started loop two hoping to step back a little, but the weather was perfect, music was pumping and I felt strong with a …

Weekend training...

Here I sit, Monday morning, reflecting on the weekend of training, 3 weeks out of Grandma's...and still on a high from Saturday's 20+ miler.  As many of you know, I'm not a big long-run kind of guy, never have been.  Back in the day when we would rock-out 100+ mile weeks over and over, I never went beyond 16-18, opting for quality over the quantity, so for me to run 20+'s a big step.

Here is the weekend: Saturday May 28th:  Decided to roll with the boys this morning as opposed to running solo at Elmo.  Mike took us down to the the River Road...though we weren't on the 'road' for long...when Mike said he found trails, he wasn't kidding.  Up and down, over and over...and mud, over the first 7+ miles before we jumped on a paved bike path.  At 10 we turned around and ran the trails back...most of it done at 7:50-8:00 pace, which felt really easy today.  When we got back we needed to add on 3 miles, so out and back on the bike trail we went, and the…

Pacing at Grandma's

What a great day...beautiful weather, an amazing run with Bill this evening...a frozen Jack's pizza for dinner while watching the Mav's...lose...and now I find out that I'll be pacing at Grandma's in a little over 4 weeks.
3:15 will be the time, which means 3:14:59.  Pacing John, which will qualify him for Boston, Bill and I will take turns pulling if windy...and at 3:15, Bill and I will both have the 15 minute "Boston' cushion.
Happy days!